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Full & Confidential Support

 As an Individual

If you find yourself experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion, cynicism and detachment, or feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment, it may be a sign that you are experiencing extreme workplace distress. Perhaps when reading through the section you were able to pick some key stressors that may be contributing to these feelings or may even find yourself beginning to develop some unhelpful patterns of behaviour around gambling and alcohol use. Thankfully, this not the end of the story, but only the beginning. There are ways to get help. There are several help services that are available including:

If you would like to know more about our gambling, alcohol and drug, trauma or EAP programs you can find information HERE

If you would like to know how to access individual support, you can find it HERE

If you are unsure whether you should pursue further support, take our brief questionnaire to see what services may be helpful and relevant to you.

As an Organisation

Awareness and management of employment related stressors as well as risk factors relating to propensity to gamble and use alcohol allows for improved hospitality worker health and wellbeing. This improvement can be achieved through more staff training, promoting a strong culture of responsible gambling, and ensuring staff wellbeing.

Staff training can be expanded by ensuring a structured training model covering the negative effects of problem gambling and the risks posed to staff for their own gambling and wellbeing. Further including information around gambling odds, AOD risks, the importance of self-monitoring or check-ins, and availability of services may be beneficial. Having regular retraining, particularly for newer and younger employees who are more at risk, would help ensure the best outcomes for your workers.

Ensuring a strong culture of responsible gambling and alcohol use within the workplace is important. This can be achieved via information dissemination, proactive managing, and initiatives such as promoting Gambling Harm Awareness Week and other mental health promotions. This can result in healthier staff attitude to gambling and alcohol use and encourage behavioural change. Further facilitate this change by ensuring secure support and feedback structures to help motivate and encourage hospitality employees.