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What Is Gambling

Gambling refers to engaging in any activity that has a chance/random outcome, which risks something of value such as money or material possessions on predicting the outcome, and the aim is to win money/ value items. There are many different gambling behaviours , which can be done either alone or in social settings. Some forms of gambling involve an element of skill or a strategy, while others are games of chance that rely entirely on luck. There are two main types of gambling:

⦁ Chance-based gambling
– include playing the lottery, roulette, or gaming machines. The results are random so you can’t influence whether you will win or lose.
⦁ Skill-based gambling
– includes betting on races and playing poker or blackjack. Your ability or skill can influence whether you win or lose. However, the odds of winning are always in favour of the house.

Some forms of gambling include:
⦁ Gaming Machines/Pokies
⦁ Lottery
⦁ Scratch cards
⦁ Casino Games – Roulette / Chocolate Wheel
⦁ Keno
⦁ Online Gambling
⦁ Sports betting.
⦁ Online investment trading
⦁ Fantasy sports
⦁ Games with In App Purchases
⦁ Online Auctions.

Gambling is risky

Every time you place a bet you’re betting on an uncertain outcome that may not be in your favour. Gambling should always be seen as only one form of entertainment in a balanced lifestyle. The majority of people gamble and rarely experience any problems; as they play for fun, on an occasional basis, and know that they will most likely lose the money they gamble, and only bet money what they can afford to lose.

However, gambling can change and intensify without the person noticing it has become more important than it should be. It can be like walking on a tightrope. Increased gambling can create stresses in the person’s life that can escalate quickly into significant issues. If you are betting more than you can afford and notice that your gambling is being driven by an irresistible/ overwhelming urge that is difficult to resist it’s important that you speak to someone.

Recovery is possible with the best treatments

Understanding why you gamble can help you to start to change your behaviour. Our clinical team specialise in helping people understand why they gamble and find it impossible to stop. We encourage you to take the first step by reaching out and talking to one of our professional clinicians about your gambling or someone close to you as we can help you get back on track.

SAIGHS use the most effective treatments available that can break the gambling cycle for good.

Sources of Information:

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