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Sign Of Gambling Problems

Financial signs:

  • Money missing from bank accounts, wallet, or money jar
  • Household items/appliances and valuables missing
  • Regularly short of money even though they earn a wage
  • Spending priorities or habits have changed
  • Having many loans at the one time
  • Being secretive about or missing financial records or payslips
  • Unpaid bills/disconnection notices
  • Lack of food in the house
  • Borrowing money regularly or asking for salary advances
  • Selling assets to gamble
  • Spending more and more money gambling
  • Unexplained debt
  • Losing wallets or money regularly
  • Secret bank accounts, loans, or credit cards
  • Takes a second job without a change in finances
  • Cashes in savings accounts, superannuation, or insurance plans
  • Alternates between being broke and flashing money

Physical and mental health signs:

  • Seems far away, anxious or has difficulty paying attention 
  • Complains of boredom or restlessness
  • Mood swings, sudden outbursts of unexplained anger, depression, frustration, hopelessness, and suicidal feelings
  • Preoccupied by unexplained worry
  • Feeling guilty or remorseful about gambling
  • Family complaints about being emotionally shut out
  • Gets defensive, reactive, on edge and/or tense
  • Headaches
  • Stomach and bowel problems
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Overeating
  • Loss of appetite

Behavioural signs:

  • Becoming withdrawn from others/family events and hobbies
  • Deceptive and often makes excuses
  • Changes patterns of sleep, eating or sex
  • Ignores self-care, work, school, or family tasks
  • Has conflicts over money with other people
  • Uses alcohol or other drugs more often
  • Leaves children alone, seems less concerned about who looks after them, neglects their basic care
  • Thinks and talks about gambling all the time
  • Is less willing to spend money on things other than gambling
  • Has legal problems related to gambling
  • Organises staff pools / syndicates
  • Marital and family and friendship breakdowns or problems
  • Controlling and/or manipulative behaviour
  • Work-related difficulties including lower performance, and job loss

Time related signs:

  • Using increasing amounts of time for gambling
  • Being secretive about unexplained absences
  • Often being late for commitments
  • Taking a lot of sick days or days off
  • Taking an unusual amount of time for simple tasks
  • Missing work or other commitments to gamble
  • Having no time for everyday activities