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2020 Gambling Harm Can Happen Anywhere

Gambling Harms Awareness 2020.

For Gambling Harm Awareness 2020, we have conducted a series of podcasts that discusses a wide range of issues, such as online gambling, sport betting, the impact of COVID-19, treatment methods and ways to promote resilience and wellbeing.

Listen to our podcast series on gambling and COVID-19 to get some tips on assessing and helping people who are experiencing online gambling and gaming harms. Our podcasts feature experts in the field, including:

·      Dr Jane Oakes
·      Dr Quentin Black
·      Dr Alex Russel
·      Dr Paul Delfabbro
·      Dr Carol Black

Podcast 1 – The growth of online gambling, use of smartphones, and the impact of COVID-19 and what we know.

Podcast 2 – The growth of sports betting and industry and venue changes, and the impact of COVID-19 and what we know.

Podcast 3 – Assessment and treatment of gaming and online gambling, the latest research updates

Podcast 4 – Harms experienced by hospitality workers: how can we monitor and help support them to promote resilience and wellbeing?